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6:15 AM is early.

Despite this fact, I've decided to begin getting up at 6:15 (actually 6:00, but I hit the snooze button) to work out and shower before work. Typically, I do both these things after work, but sometimes I get lazy and decide to sit on the couch. Which is bad. Because I've gained back the ten pounds I lost before November last year.

My new face wash/lotion came. This is my first week using it. I'm terrified my skin is going to dry up and break out.

Weeds is a great show. I've successfully wasted two Sundays watching it on Netflix.


Speaking of the damned ten pounds I lost and then gained back. I want to lose them and ten more. Maybe a ticker will motivate me. Please ridicule me if my little ticker does not move toward the goal by this time next month. I need to be held accountable.

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