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you need protection from the physical art of conversation...
Don't Call 
20th-Feb-2011 03:02 pm
black love
The Twilight Singers released a new album last week. I pre-ordered it and received a bonus CD with two additional tracks. It was waiting on my doorstep when I got home from work on Wednesday. I walked in and popped the bonus CD in before I even took my coat off.

And then I sat down and cried while it played because it's perfect. There are so many songs that I can attached significance to in regards to my relationship with Jason. And this is the song that is the final end to that relationship. It's how I feel and how I'll probably always feel about what happened and the things that were said.

For those of you who are music fans--it's a cover of a song by Desire. You can hear the original here. Greg Dulli, the genius that he is, heard the sadness in the lyrics and did what he does so well--he interpreted it to express that side of things.
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