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you need protection from the physical art of conversation...

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I'm 29 years old and live with my super awesome dog. I work for a brokerage firm as a registered sales assistant to a financial consultant. I love: listening to music, reading books, knitting various things, and spending time outdoors with my dog--be it walking, jogging, or hiking.

Oh, and I like to write the fanfic-ness:
Harry Potter Fiction: Archived at The Petulant Poetess
Anita Blake Fiction: Archived at Pomme de Sang (under the name 'amanda')
Forgotten Realms Fiction: Archived at Lavender Eyes
Buffy Fiction: Archived at FF.net (under the name 'firemaple')
afghan whigs, akron/family, al swearengen, alan rickman, alex krycek, aliens, babylon 5, batou, birthday party, bjork, black comedies, bob schneider, bobby womack, christopher eccleston, classic soul, computers, cowboy bebop, crocheting, cthulhu, damien rice, darth maul, digital artwork, doctor who, dogs, dorks, drasek riven, dresden files, drizzt do'urden, drow, earthsea, edward/anita, elvis costello, erevis cale, erotica, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, firefly, fullmetal alchemist, gardening, gene wolfe, ghost in the shell, greg dulli, guy gavriel kay, harry potter, hgss, his dark materials, hot chocolate, indie, innuendoes, instant mashed potatoes, jane austen, janet evanovich, jarlaxle, jarlaxle/catti-brie, jeff buckley, jet black, johnnie taylor, kevin spacey, knitting, libertarians, lightnin' hopkins, lloyd, lovecraft, lyfe jennings, mark danielewski, marvin gaye, maxwell, meandering melodic phrasing, mix cds, mix tapes, movies, mulder, mulder/scully, music, natural beauty, neo soul, nerds, nick cave, nine/rose, novels, oldies, otis redding, paul auster, pinup girls, portishead, pseudosix, quirkiness, r&b, r.a. salvatore, reading, robbie williams, rock, rorschach, science fiction, severus snape, sharing music, shoes, skinner, small concerts, snape/hermione, solomon burke, soul, sprinklers, teddy pendergrass, the temptations, twilight singers, tyrone davis, umberto eco, uncomfortable humor, unconventional romance, underground, vegetables, watchmen, website design, wilson pickett, writing, x-files

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